About Me – Sam the puppy

Hi – I’m Sam the puppy.

I am a black Golden Retriever cross German Shepherd boy although most people think I am a Flat Coat Retriever!

I was born on the 21st January 2010 in Skipton, Yorkshire to my mum Judy and dad Eli along with my brothers and sisters. One of my sisters “Dizzy” stayed there with mum and dad and Helen and Brian but I went to live with my new mum and dad Mike and Carol in Congleton Cheshire when I was eight weeks old.

We have great fun together along with my best friend Loki the cat who plays with me but unfortunately doesn’t run when I chase him anymore! Shame really as it’s a great game so I have to chase Destiny the other cat instead!

On Monday evenings I go to dog training classes in Macclesfield where I also have two friends Riley and Joe. We have just passed our Bronze exams and will be starting the Silver award on Monday 18th October.I will keep you posted on how it goes on my blog.

My favourite food is raw chicken which I eat twice a day along with the bits of sausages Mike and Carol give me when I have been good. I also enjoy left overs from Sunday lunch – especially the mashed potatoes and gravy!

We go for great walks every day in the field near to where we live and now that I understand that I must come back when whistled I can run and run which is great especially if it has been raining and there are some puddles to splash in!

I have lots of toys but my favourite one is a soft white dog teddy bear which I carry around with me and always sleeps with me in my crate at night to keep me company! (Well he was white when I first had him and is again occasionally when mum takes him away and does something called “washing” but I soon change that!) I like him best when he’s grubby and a bit smelly!

On Saturdays mum usually brings me a fresh raw knuckle bone which is really tasty and keeps my teeth nice and white.


Comfy on the sofa with my most appealing look!



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